Mar 20,2012

Kellan on Becoming a Designer, Vampire K-Stew, and Why He’ll “Definitely” See The Hunger Games

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Wetpaint Entertainment: What made you want to design a collection?
Kellan Lutz: Growing up in the modeling industry, I’ve always been closely connected to the fashion world. When I was living on the cross streets of Abbot Kinney & Main Street, where the name of the line comes from, I was surrounded by all types of people, cultures, and colors and I wanted to share that with others in the line. I guess you could say I wanted to bring my home in Venice Beach to life.

You model, act, and now you design. Which do you like to do the best?
Well I started as a model, moved into acting, and now I’ve returned back to the fashion world. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite, but I can say I love being creative and finding different avenues to explore it.


The world just got its first look at Kristen Stewart as a vampire. Was it weird filming with her once she made the transition? Did she act different?
Kristen makes an amazing vampire! She brought so much life to her human portrayal of Bella and even more when she transitioned into Bella the vampire. She seemed to enjoy being a vampire like all of us do. I really enjoyed shooting Emmett and Bella’s arm-wrestling scene!

You and Ashley Greene play lovers in your new movie Warriors. After playing her brother for so long, what was it like to play her love interest?
Acting is acting… It was a blessing to have Ashley play my love interest. It’s so nice to have someone to act with who you’re already close to. We’ve been friends for years, so it made it feel like a hangout session.

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