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Aug 16,2015

Kellan Lutz loves being in Australia and working with Daniel MacPherson

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IT’S a blossoming bromance between Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz and Aussie actor Daniel MacPherson on set of new Australian sci-fi flick, SFv1.

Confidential exclusively caught up with the pair on set of the Shane Abbess directed film that’s currently in production in Sydney and will also shoot in outback South Australia.

“We have a great time off camera just hanging out and pow wowing,” Lutz said of MacPherson. “He’s a really cool dude and acting wise, he’s got amazing chops.”

The feeling is mutual with Macpherson adding: “He’s the all American boy. We’ve got shared passions for things like exercise and football so there will be a bit of that and also plenty of food and drink and good restaurants and whatnot to show him around.”

The pair will have to be careful not to enjoy too much food as the film requires them to be super fit.

“The thing is we don’t want to get too soft, we’ve got to stay hard and focused on this job.”

SFv1 is set in the future “in a time of interplanetary colonisation” where mysterious Sy (Lutz) meets Kane (MacPherson), a lieutenant working for off-world military contractors.

Lutz, most famous for playing Emmett Cullen in the Twilight films, has been in Australia for a fortnight for the film that also stars Rachel Griffiths, Temuera Morrison and Firass Dirani.

“I’ve been trying to work here for a long time,” Lutz said.

“A lot of Australians come to the United States to work but for me Sydney, Australia, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, they’ve got a special place in my heart. It means so much for me to be here and to be a part of this production.”

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Aug 15,2015

Kellan in Sydney – Candids

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The DailyMail posted some candids of Kellan on the set of SFv1. We added them to the gallery.

[x002] On Set in Sydney – 14 Aug 2015

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Jul 30,2015

Superhero Drama ‘Gods And Secrets’ Powers Cast

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From Deadline:

The Power/Rangers fan film and The Grey producer Adi Shankar is set to make his directorial debut alongside Stewart Yost on Adi Shankar’s Gods And Secrets. The “dark” drama will mine territory similar to Alan Moore’s Watchmen, exploring the darker logical underpinnings of superhero tropes. In a world in which superheroes exist, personal foibles and the resulting celebrity culture are front and center. In the story, tragedy has struck the superheroic team Guardians of Justice, and in its aftermath secrets are revealed, lives are changed, and the war to end all wars begins.

WWE’s Diamond Dallas Page, Jackson Rathbone (Twilight Saga), Kellan Lutz, Sharni Vinson and Andy Milonakis star. Created by Shankar, Jenni Powell (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries), and Shawn Deloache (New Adventures of Peter and Wendy), it’s produced by Discourse Media. Rathbone has also signed on a producer.


Jul 26,2015

Kellan Lutz loved working with Bruce Willis

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kellan_lutz_972761Kellan Lutz has said that working with Bruce Willis on the movie ‘Extraction’ was a ”dream come true” for him.

The 30-year-old actor recently wrapped up shooting the thriller ‘Extraction’ with the 60-year-old star and is thrilled to have ticked it off his bucket-list.

Asked about the experience, he told In Touch Weekly: ”A dream come true. I had auditioned to play his kid [in 2007’s ‘Live Free or Die Hard’]. I didn’t get it, and was bummed. But things happen for a reason. Now I’ve worked with Bruce!”

The former ‘Twilight Saga’ star recently admitted he is ”looking for that wifey” and is ready to settle down, but is still looking for the right woman.

Discussing his ideal spouse, he said: ”Someone who’s kind and genuine – and loves life and is willing to be adventurous.”

But Kellan, who has a huge crush on Jessica Biel, also has a lot of turn-offs.

He added: ”Being with someone who constantly checks her phone. It is so important to be in the moment.”

The heartthrob hopes to have a family of his own in the next five years.

Asked where he wants to be in 2020, he said: ”Acting, working on my fashion line, Abbot + Main, and having a family of my own. I definitely want marriage and little Kellans running around.”


Jul 24,2015

Experimenter – Official Trailer

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Jul 08,2015

Kellan at Access Hollywood Live – Video

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Jun 24,2015

Kellan Lutz on Hosting Bullseye, Being an Adrenaline Junkie & more

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DETAILS: What goes through your mind when you see contestants doing these crazy things on Bullseye?
Kellan Lutz: I just want to be in their shoes—or their harness, as it were. It’s funny for me to be on the ground since I’m so used to doing these elaborate stunts in my movies. That’s why I love doing action movies.

DETAILS: Have you tried out any of the stunts yourself on the show?
Kellan Lutz: I didThe Human Slingshot and it was so much fun. There are two cranes suspended 50 feet up and you’re on the ground in this harness, and they pull you back like a slingshot and literally send you flying over a canyon. I got hurt on that one, and they wouldn’t let me do anymore because insurance flipped out. One of the carabiners clipped my head when it launched. I got five staples!

DETAILS: What’s been the highest high you’ve ever felt?
Kellan Lutz: Well, I’ve sky-dived and bungee-jumped but the scariest thing I’ve done is scuba diving. If you don’t know how to properly scuba, you can drown or get nitrogen poisoning and the first time I scuba’ed, I was shooting Generation Kill in Mozambique. A bunch of us got certified but we were being dicks and weren’t really paying attention. Then, we raced to the bottom which was about 30 feet down. Oh, and you weren’t supposed to drink the night before because it thins out your blood but we were all drinking every night, of course, and we raced to the bottom being chauvinistic dudes. By the time got to the bottom, we were all out of air, we had the driest lungs. Some of the boys panicked because they didn’t have proper air, and we had to pull them down, because if you swim to the surface without properly equalizing, you could die, your lungs could explode. It’s actually life and death. Add on top of it that we had whale sharks in the water with us! We didn’t realize it. We felt this dark presence behind us, you turn around and see a big ass shark. But it was a beautiful experience.

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Jun 18,2015

Fragrance Foundation Awards – Pics

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Kellan attended the 2015 Fragrance Foundation Awards yesterday. A few pictures have been added to our gallery.
[x031] 2015 Fragrance Foundation Awards – 17 June 2015

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Jun 16,2015

Khemistry with Kellan Lutz: Learn how to make slime!

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Jun 09,2015

Kellan Lutz Took This Lucky High School Student To Her Prom!

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From JustJared:

Kellan Lutz gets into a classic prom pose with his date Brianna Siciliano before her high school senior prom on Saturday (June 6) in New Jersey.

The 30-year-old actor and Bullseye host met Brianna over a year ago when she won a contest to chat with him, and they obviously stayed in touch!

Kellan posed for photos with her whole prom group before hopping in his Bentley and hitting up the dance. So fun!


[x023] At Prom with Brianna Siciliano – 05 June 2015

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