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Dec 29,2015

Kellan at Victoria Secret Fashion Show – Pics

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Kellan attended the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in November. We added some pictures to the gallery. Apologies for the late update, life has been super busy lately.

[x015] 2015 Victoria Secret Fashion Show – 10 Nov 2015

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Nov 25,2015

‘Extraction’ trailer – Video

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Nov 09,2015

Official Poster for ‘Extraction’

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IMDb posted an exclusive first look at the poster for Kellan’s movie “Extraction”

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Extraction hits theaters and on demand December 18.

Oct 27,2015

Twilight star takes time out in Queenstown

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An actor from the hit teen movie series The Twilight Saga was spotted in Queenstown this week.

Kellan Lutz, who played Emmett Cullen in the film series, rode with Shotover Jet on Monday.

Shotover jet-boat driver Rob Cowles told the Otago Daily Times Lutz was a pretty nice guy.

“We had a wee chat. He had his mum with him and was looking forward to going rafting after [jet-boating].

“I just asked him about what he was doing in Queenstown and [he said] he was enjoying his time in New Zealand.”

Lutz also appeared in the film Poseidon, voiced Tarzan in the 2014 animated film Tarzan and played Hercules in the 2014 The Legend of Hercules.


Oct 04,2015

Lutz fired up in sci-fi thriller

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In his 11-year career Twilight star Kellan Lutz has played Hercules and worked with Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford.

But he’d never experienced anything like the highs- and challenges- of collaborating with director Shane Abbess in the futuristic sci-fi thriller SFv1.

Lutz plays Sy, a former nurse who is now a drifter with a haunted past. Sy forms an unlikely alliance with Kane (Daniel MacPherson), a lieutenant who works for off-­world military contractor Exor. In a race against time they set out to rescue Kane’s young daughter Indi (Teagan Croft) amid an impending global crisis precipitated by Exor.

“This is completely different from anything I’ve ever done; it has so much heart,” the US actor tells IF from the set in Sydney.

“I had never been part of a movie that was so emotional, with so much stress and trauma. But it’s been an unbelievable new experience. Shane is a brilliant storyteller with a strong vision who allows his actors to create their own characters.

“There is less and less risk-taking among filmmakers these days. Shane wants to create films with real substance. As the characters were originally written Sy was the angry, crazy one and Kane was easy going. As filming went on so much changed, for the better.”

Lutz first met Abbess in Los Angeles five years ago when the director was developing The 7th Day, a sci-fi film set in a spaceship, with Source Code writer Ben Ripley. (Abbess was set to direct Source Code but departed after creative differences with Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones was hired).The director wanted Lutz to play the lead. That project has yet to materialize but Lutz is still keen.

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Sep 21,2015

It’s a happy family on the set of SFv1

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YOU could call it a new age of Aussie film- making that’s showing the rest of the industry how things can be done.

Away from the big studio sound stages, director Shane Abbess has set up his merry SFv1 family in suburban Sydney, taking over several warehouse spaces in Gladesville as they notch up the seventh of a nine-week run of filming.

“It is unlike anything I’ve ever done before,” explained Hollywood actor Kellan Lutz, most famous for his run as Emmett Cullen in the Twilight films.

“I have no idea where we are at and I love it. It feels like a studio movie without studio heads breathing down your neck. We have so much freedom to create. I’ve never been in an environment where there is no ego. It is all family here. I am blessed to be down here in Australia working with this great group of humans.”

Lutz and Daniel MacPherson star in the leading roles of Sy and Kane in the science-fiction flick set in a futuristic world in a time of interplanetary colonisation.

The boys refer to themselves by their character names and a sign at the production office entrance reads: “All cast to be referred to by their character name only in all circumstances”.

“He’s in my phone as Sy,” laughed MacPherson. “When this is all done and wrapped, we are going to have a beer and a chat and get to know each other as Dan and Kellan because it’s been Sy and Kane for the past 2½ months.”

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Or listen to the audio in the post below

Sep 21,2015

Sydney Confidential reporter Jonathan Moran sits down with actors Kellan Lutz and Daniel McPherson to talk films, music and their film SFv1 – Audio

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Sep 13,2015

First Look: Kellan Lutz, Daniel MacPherson in Sci-Fi Thriller ‘SFv1’

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From The Hollywood Reporter

[x001] SFv1 – Stills

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Shane Abbess’ action flick stars Lutz as a mysterious drifter who teams with an off-world military contractor amid a global crisis.

Daniel MacPherson and Kellan Lutz are on the move in The Hollywood Reporter’s first look at SFv1.

Set against a backdrop of interplanetary colonization, Lutz stars as a mysterious drifter who teams with an off-world military contractor (MacPherson, left) amid a global crisis in the sci-fi action movie directed by Shane Abbess.

The interplanetary colonization drama also features Temuera Morrison, Rachel Griffiths and Bren Foster in the cast.

The film is midway through production in Australia, and XYZ Films, repping worldwide sales, is screening exclusive footage for buyers in Toronto.


Sep 06,2015

Kellan at Sydney Airport – Candids

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The DailyMail posted some pictures of Kellan at Syndey Airport. We added them to our Gallery. They also wrote an article you can read it HERE

[x002] At Sydney Airport – Sep 2015

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Sep 03,2015

Kellan on Set of SFv1 – Picture

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TheDailyMail posted a picture of Kellan on Set of SFv1 in Sydney. They also wrote an article you can read it HERE

[x001] On Set – Sydney – 02 Sep 2015

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